Belle Group BGPCX20AH Special Asphalt Compactor

  • Built for laying asphalt compounds, the Delta plate design is particularly suitable for applications that require precision and working with thin layers of hot asphalt materials
  • Tough 20" delta shape plate shaped to offer fast compaction and access in confined areas
  • Use in conjunction with bigger asphalt compactors when strict requirements demand precise surface finish across large areas
  • Developed in co-operation with the largest asphalt contractors in the industry
  • Recessed sprinkler bar system allows a continuous flow of water to run evenly from the front to back of the plate's contact surface for consistent results
  • Tough construction allows built-in sprinkler bar to be resistant to damage
  • High frequency exciter weight rotates at 94Hz
  • Oil lubricated bearings
  • High-capacity 2.8 gal water tank with quick release system to aid filling
  • Low handle design allows the plate to be easily manoeuvred across the compaction surface and allows the compactor to operate closer to obstacles and form work
  • Belle Group BGPCX20AH Special Asphalt Compactor Data Sheet

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