Belle Group BGRPC60/80HAS RPC Reversible Compactor (15.0 hp)

  • Vibration frequency and amplitude are optimised to give the highest compaction on a wide range of materials
  • Constant high output force is maintained during on-spot compaction
  • Variable forward and reverse control allows effective use in all areas
  • Compared with other machines the RPC Range offers the best in service ability
  • Machine opens up completely for easy access to service points
  • Side panels are simple to remove, allowing easy access for routine maintenance
  • The vibrator drive is virtually maintenance free
  • Design incorporates high specification, durable components
  • The lock up handle can be raised into the vertical position for storage
  • Central lifting point offers easy, safe loading
  • Excellent ergonomics allow easy operation, with controls positioned for minimum effort
  • Achieve maximum performance with limited effort due to the carefully balanced power to weight ratio
  • Low hand-arm vibration keeps operators comfortable for longer and reduces the risk of long-term injury
  • The RPC Range is designed for durability, using highest engineering standards and quality components
  • Chose a model to suit your needs!
  • o RPC 60/80
  • Maximum output ideal for biggest projects 28 inch with extension plates (included) 22 inch wide if removed
  • Equipped with standard electric start Hatz diesel engine
  • Belle Group BGRPC60-80HAS RPC Reversible Compactor Data Sheet

    Size: 654 KB
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