Brooks DASJ1P24U 24" Screw Jack with Base Plate

Features of the Brooks DASJ1P24U 24" Screw Jack with Base Plate:

  • Adjust to either 24" (DASJ1P24U & DASJ1S24) or 36" (DASJ1P36) depending on jobsite requirements
  • Available with or without base plates to suit application needs
  • For levelling scaffolds on uneven terrain or for extra lift choose either the DASJ1P24U or the DASJ1P36 for 24" or 36" adjustment height
  • For adjusting height in between scaffold sections or to add both height and mobility, the 24" Screw Jack with Socket (DASJ1S24) will connect to frames and casters with coupling pins and securing pins.
  • Allows for fine-tuning scaffold to exact height specifications
  • Add height without the extra weight or cost considerations of additional frames
  • Brooks DASJ1P24U 24" Screw Jack with Base Plate Product Sheet

    Size: 474 KB
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