CST-Berger BR55-SLVP24ND SAL"N" Automatic Level Kit

  • Magnetically dampened, wire-hung compensator for optimum range & accuracy
  • Large & effective aperture with minimum focus of 1'
  • Fine motion knobs on both sides with friction-braked rotation and endless horizontal drive
  • Top-mounted optical peep-sight for quick reference
  • Easy-to-read horizontal circle
  • Right angle prism for easy bubble viewing
  • 1:1000 stadia for distance estimation
  • Water-resistant, sealed construction with sunshade for use in various weather conditions
  • Compensator lock protects laser during transport or storage as well as acting as a handy compensator checking tool
  • Includes hard shell carrying case with dual latches, lens cover, plumb bob, Allen wrench, adjusting pin, aluminum tripod & levelling rod for instant operation
  • CST-Berger BR55-SLVP24ND SALN Automatic Level Kit Data Sheet

    Size: 247 KB
  • CST-Berger BR55-SLVP24ND SALN Automatic Level Kit User Guide

    Size: 2 MB
  • CST-Berger BR55-SLVP24ND SALN Automatic Level Kit Parts Breakdown

    Size: 2 MB
  • Ensemble niveau automatique CST Berger BR55-SLVP24ND Fiche Technique

    Size: 335 KB
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