Essex Silver-Line SL8 Drum Sander

Features of the Essex Silver-Line SL8 Drum Sander:

  • Weight is evenly distributed for balanced handling and operator comfort
  • Tilt action for a more controlled and even sanding result
  • Belt tension easily set and maintained to optimize motor longevity and performance
  • Constant 1800 rpm drum speed operates smoothly
  • Sands forwards and backwards for professional results
  • Change sandpaper easily with unique cam lock system and rubber drum
  • Spring loaded cam lock system secures sandpaper of varying grit sizes quickly and easily
  • Sandpaper secured simply without the use of unwieldy wedges or clamps that can lead to unsightly divots on flooring and machine jams and chatter
  • Use as a heavy-duty alternative to orbital sanders
  • Essex Silver Line SL222 Classic Foam-Rubber Drum Product Sheet

    Size: 602 KB
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