Flagro FLFV-UTD12 Ultratex Heater Duct

Features of the FLFV-UTD12 Ultratex Heater Duct:

  • Highly durable
  • Designed for portable and temporary heat
  • Temperatures up to 500° F
  • Made with fiberglass and coated with a formulated dry silicone rubber
  • Silicone rubber is flame retardant, oil resistant and has high abrasion
  • Ideal for gas and oil industries
  • Available from 4" - 60" in diameter and 50 ft in length
  • Reliable and Flexible
  • Operates in harsh temperatures
  • High tear resistance
  • Puncture resistant
  • Low operating temperatures
  • Available lengths start at 12 ft
  • Available Colours: Silver
  • Wearstrip Colours: Black
  • Approximate Temperature Range: -67° - 500° F
  • Base Fabric Resistant Against: UV Rays, Rotting, Weather, Flame
  • Finishing options help to reduce installation times and provides an accurate fit for your application

Finishing Options for FLFV-UTD12 Ultratex Heater Ducts:

  • Interlocking End Rings (Hoop and Wire rope ends): Is cost effective and simply puts one end inside the other
  • Cuff and Buckle end: Finished with a soft collar and built in cinch strap with clip
  • Machine End: No finishing, attached to units with external worm gear clamps, zip ties or screws
  • Soft Cuff: Flexible fabric allowing for easy fittings
  • LB White Style: Designed specifically for L.B. White Brand Heaters
  • Pin Lock: Hooked onto HiTex ducting and for units that require specialized pin lock adapters
  • Worm Gear: Steel bands with plated chrome screws enclosed with a soft cuff for easy attachment
  • J-Lock Couplings: Designed for units that require J-Lock connectors
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