Flagro FLTHC175DF Propane Tent Heater

  • ŒUse as either a fresh air circulator or heater at the touch of a switch
  • ŒŒSuper quiet and super efficient design makes this the ideal tent and party heater
  • Tough
  • ŒŒHeavy-duty 16 gauge powder-coated steel body construction designed to withstand contractor-tough conditions
  • ŒŒ10” pneumatic wheels improves mobility and stability of unit
  • Adaptable ŒŒConveniently positioned lifting handles facilitate safe loading and ease of heater positioning
  • User-friendly
  • ŒŒ20’ cord with thermostat allows for remote placement and temperature accuracy
  • ŒŒUse with optional 12’ air duct (FLTHCP-WD12) to heat hard-to-reach areas
  • Flagro FLTHC175DF Propane Tent Heater Product Sheet

    Size: 77 KB
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