General Wire GWC-GP-A  Mini-Pod Pipe Inspection System

Features of the General Wire GWC-GP-A  Mini-Pod Pipe Inspection System:

  • Video pipe inspection system provides real-time view of plumbing problems for accurate diagnostic and estimation of plumbing problems
  • Super sensitive color mini camera slides through 2" to 4" cast iron pipes and delivers perfect images
  • Kit includes super light sensitive camera, a separate reel with 125'ft of Flexicore wire-rope reinforced pushrod cable, video out connection and 5.6" LCD screen
  • Sensitive digital locator to precisely identify location of problems available
  • More heavy-duty models are also available
  • General Wire GWC-GP-A Mini-Pod Pipe Inspection System Operating Manual

    Size: 1 MB
  • General Wire GWC-GP-A Mini-Pod Pipe Inspection System Product Sheet

    Size: 307 KB
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