Golz Floor Saw GOFS125-14”

Robust and user friendly for all applications in road construction


  • Comfortable cutting depth adjustment
  • Cutting depth indicator
  • Handle bars adjustable for ergonomic working position
  • Crane eye
  • Cutting depth adjustment by hand wheel
  • Pluggable water tank, easy refil

Technical Specifications:

  • Motor: Honda GX200 4.8 kW/6.43hp
  • Max. cutting depth: 120mm
  • Max. blade size: 350mm x 25.4mm bore
  • Feed: Manual
  • Water Tank: 25 Litre
  • Cutting depth adjustment: hand wheel
  • V-belt tensioning: automatic with a cutting depth indicator
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Dimensions: 650mm x 450mm x 1000mm
  • Floor Saw FS125 Data Sheet

    Size: 489 KB
  • Floor Saw Catalogue

    Size: 2 MB
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